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How it works

Our scan system combines Lidar Laser Scantecnology and HDR images to create an incredible,
high-quality, full-scale three-dimensional model.
The three-dimensional interactive tour is the fundamental result of our 3D scanning.

Our 3D virtual tours brings places to life, making them truly perceptible,
and transforms them into a unique and immersive experience, as if the visitor were actually there!

How it works

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1. Project meeting

In the first meeting, we will discuss your needs, answer your questions and inspect the property. After we have gathered all the necessary information, we will prepare your customized offer, which will be tailored to your requirements.

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2. Scanning the space

We will arrange an appointment with you to digitally record the property. Depending on the number and size of the rooms, this process can take several hours.

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3. Post-processing

The rendering process takes around 24 hours and is followed by the post-processing stage. This is when all the info points are set, your 4K photos, videos, and all other additional information are created, and the web links are generated which allow the finished 3D tour to be installed easily.

some Additional functions

Some additional functions that make the 3D tour so interactive.

3D view (dollhouse)

From the 3D scan, a 3D model of the building is created, the so-called “dollhouse”. 
This model can be fully rotated, and every room can be reached directly with just one click.


Interactive infopoints provide information about the functions, details or special features of your project. The text, web links, photos or videos integrated in the tags offer your visitors a variety of additional information.

Software CMS

Multilinguality & CMS

We have also developed an App that allows many functions: multilinguality, logo, background music, statistics, Content-Management-System (CMS) and much more.
All very easy to use and of course 100% Responsive.

Password protection

Create unlimited Passwords with different time limits and for different users.
Enable them is easy as pie.

4k photos

With our snapshot button each viewing angle can be exported as a high-resolution photo.
This allows you to display any perspective as a printable photo and guarantees that you will never miss a shot.

Walkthroug Video

A few seconds are all it takes to inspire your partners, customers or visitors with a “fly-through” video. Post the video on social networks and let the users “fly” through all rooms.

Data package for architects and planners

In addition to the panorama tour and the floor plan, the project can be saved for editing by architects and planners.

Floor plan

Do you also need a floor plan of your property? On request, we can supply a scaled, schematic floor plan of all floors and levels.
Here is an example in PDF format.

Virtual reality

Our 3D tours can be experienced on any device, be that computer, smartphone or tablet. For an even more immersive spatial experience, your 3D model can also be enjoyed as a virtual reality tour with VR glasses.