We create interactive adventures, present spaces at their best,
and highlight unique aspects and special features.

We create innovative virtual 3D Matterport tours that allow you to explore every corner, room and space step by step.
The visitor gets a real sense of space as if he were there! An evolution of old 360° tours that’s far more immersive.
This is what makes our 3D tours so unique, so interesting and, most importantly, so real!

Furthermore, interactive points can be integrated into the room (text, images, videos, audio, weblinks, …).
Which bring the tour to life and turn it into a digital marketing tool.

Whether for hotels, museums, showrooms, event locations or industry … the applications of our Matterport Tours are manifold!



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Hotel & Gastronomy

Show your future guests the highlights of your hotel and guide them directly to their room or flat. With a virtual tour, no questions remain unanswered!

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Real estate

Virtual tours create excitement, lead to more targeted viewings and save time. They are made for the real estate sector!

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Whether recording old building fabric, documenting or recording new objects – use the advantages of 3D recording technology!

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Digitise your showroom, your factory, or create your virtual portfolio of your works to inspire future customers.

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Culture & Museum

Whether for documentation, as a foretaste for the curious or in didactics:
a virtual tour fascinates young & old, makes culture a virtual experience and attracts future visitors.

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Event- & Film locations

Present the uniqueness of your location, regardless of time and distance.
Event planners can even take measurements inside the tour.
That’s so helpful for them!

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to give you an impression

Hangar Bolzano
Castel Hörtenberg *****
Winery Kellerei Bozen
Luis trenker - flagship store
Cathedral of Bolzano

other 3D services

Some of our clients

Drohne-Luftvermessung und Geomodelling
für Bau und Architektur

Sie möchten erfahren welches Panorama sich zukünftig aus der 3. Etage Ihres Bauprojekts bietet? 
Sie benötigen eine Volumenberechnung für die Bauarbeiten?
Wir sind der richtige Ansprechpartner!