Augmented Reality

With augmented reality, you can offer visitors an even more exciting virtual experience on site!

Now the digital content of your virtual tour can be displayed ON-SITE on the visitor’s mobile device, and there is also a digital indoor wayfinder that guides them to the desired position through the building.

Advantage: the visitor has to be on site to experience AR, the content can be managed live, remotely and super easily by yourself.

An innovation:
The Indoor Wayfinder!

Our AR Indoor Wayfinder guides your visitors to their desired destination with ease.
The technology behind it is currently state of the art!

Possible applications:

– Virtual guide for museums or exhibitions
– Indoor navigation aid for complex buildings
– Gamification (Easter egg hunt, Christmas game,…)
– Facility management support
– AR experience for the new digital generation
– Training new employees
– …

4 simple steps to your AR experience:

1. 3D space scanning
2. Insert the content (info points, menu, …)
3. AR activation
4. position the QR code